Louisiana Decrees

Posted by: CCS on Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 12:00:00 am

*We decree that the Body of Christ in Louisiana will get prepared and established with our feet planted in the place that God tells us to plant our feet.  We will not pull up our stakes or our footing.  We are positioned and will stay positioned for a move of God here in our state!


*We decree that the Body of Christ in Louisiana is awakening, will take their positions and posts.  We declare there is a “changing of the guard” over Louisiana!


*We declare that the Catholic world here in Louisiana is changing!


*(See end of document for background re: this decree.)  We decree according to the covenant made with the Lord and released on June 17, 2013: This covenant release has been crying out over this territory and beyond for demonic and iniquitous root structures to be uprooted!  Instead of the Body of Christ pulling up their stakes and firm footing, we declare the enemy’s stakes and footing will be uprooted.  As portals have been opened in this region, we decree a manifestation of the sons of God coming forth and walking in the power and demonstration of God’s plan and purpose in building His Kingdom in this territory and in the state of Louisiana.


 *One of the meanings of the name “Barry” is plunderer.  Decree that Louisiana will not be plundered but instead His Kingdom people will plunder the enemy and take the spoils for King Jesus! (Isaiah 33:1-2)

We decree in light of all false religious structures (Isaiah 42:22)—those who have been plundered will be released from these systems.  We cry RESTORE over them!


*Also Barry is a Celtic word meaning point of the spear.  The spear of the Lord is coming in to blow away the false coverings and wash away the defilement that has infected the land, exposing even what has been hidden in the underpinnings of the false structures that have prevailed.  


*We decree that the “wind” will split old structures that oppose the government of heaven and the move of the Spirit!  As His Body we will go forth and build His Kingdom in our cities, our regions, our state, the nation, and the nations!


*We declare that we are entering a time of unprecedented unity, laying aside differences, offenses, and judgments.  The fruit will be that the Kingdom of God will advance and expand in a historic way.  Because of this unity that’s forming, (speaking in light of the storm Chuck was addressing) “the wind will not overtake you; the rain will not overtake you, for I say that the unity that you are going to begin to move in will cause a rising up of My Spirit and it will become a dome of protection to you.”


*We declare a glory move in Louisiana that will cover the entire state and drive out darkness in South Louisiana.


*We declare an awakening from slumber for the Body of Christ in Louisiana.  (Joel 2:12-17) We declare that the day of the Lord is approaching us, and the trumpet is sounding.  We decree that the watchmen will rise up, and the Body will become united and powerful.


*We decree there is a brokenness in the Body of Christ; an entering into the fear of the Lord so we can hear His voice with clarity and then swiftly move to accomplish what He has called us to!  We declare that we will rend our hearts and not our garments so He may turn and relent and leave a blessing behind Him. (Joel 2:14)


*We decree that the winds of awakening, the winds of change, and the winds of revival are breaking forth over Acadiana and the entire state of Louisiana!  As the Body of Christ, we welcome and receive the angelic ministry of awakening, change, and revival!


*We declare that altars of divination, altars to pagan gods are being torn

down.  We decree the old iniquitous structure is being split, uprooted, and that God’s Kingdom 5-fold government of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists is being established in Louisiana that will be empowered by the Spirit of God to face off against those that would say you aren’t allowed to operate here!


*We decree that Louisiana continues to move from fragmentation to fruitfulness—from brokenness to an increase of glory, fruitfulness and Kingdom success!


*We decree the Body of Christ in Louisiana will keep a harvest mentality; alert to every Kingdom opportunity; impassioned with His love for the lost; our hearts ablaze with His fire!


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