Generational Faith

Posted by: CCS on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 10:32:00 pm


Historically looking at nations that have maintained their Faith, it is obvious that Israel and Jewish people realized something in their infancy that has sustained them for over 3300 years. Are there any clues in the Bible that would help us to learn from them so that we too can continue to maintain our faith in God into the future generations? I believe the greatest insight was given by Moses as he brought the Jewish people out of Egypt. Can we image what it was like for Moses to lead a people out of captivity through a series of miracles and then process what do you do with these people who have been enslaved all their lives? Moses needed incredible insight to lead the people and change the culture of their lives. In his wisdom we can see how we to can walk in true freedom and stand firm. As our nations freedoms are being taken away daily, we can see through this story how to maintain our freedom. In Exodus 12-13 He taught them what the passover sacrifice did for them and encouraged them to proclaim that to their children. He begin to equip and educate the next generation of how the Lord delivered and brought them out of bondage. He foresaw that generations in the future would also walk in this freedom from the bondage of this world.

Moses’ energy and talk was not about the day to day issues, but rather he spoke of the future promises of the people and their offspring. He was not just setting people free from Pharaoh, he was looking to the future of staying free and preparing the next generation so that they never have to go into that bondage. He knew the next generation must be equipped through teaching them what the Lord had done for them and how He had set them free. May we learn this great lesson as well and teach the next generation how God has set us free and they too can walk in that Freedom. 


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